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Eyewear Trends 2019

4 Eyewear Trends Still Going Strong in 2019

The most important feature of eyewear is how well it improves your vision. But, of course, anyone buying a new pair of glasses wants them to look good as well.

Taking the time to try on sample frames at your optometrist is the best way to make sure your glasses will suit your face and reflect your personal taste. If you have an upcoming appointment with your doctor and are expecting new glasses, get a jumpstart on shopping by learning about the latest trends.

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Here are four fashion trends to be aware of this year as you pick your new eyewear:

  1. Tortoiseshell frames. A classic look, tortoiseshell frames have grown in popularity for having an interesting pattern while offering a neutral appearance. Also called “horn-rimmed” glasses, tortoiseshell glasses are typically brown and yellowish speckled look, similar to a turtle’s shell.

    These retro-ish glasses saw a revival several years ago and show no signs of going out of fashion soon. Nowadays, tortoiseshell frames come in a variety of appearances, from dark and heavy nearly black ones to very light and airy nearly clear ones. You can likely find increasingly more options in colors the tortoiseshell pattern as well, such as blue and purple.
  2. Cat-eye frames. In another vintage style making a comeback, cat-eye frames were seen all over the runways of 2019 fall fashion Once favored by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, these glasses are quickly regaining popularity among women for their feminine flair. Their shape also lends an air of mystery and some women swear these glasses make them look younger.

    Cat-eye frames can come in a variety of colors, but black is among the most popular colors for its versatility with nearly any outfit.
  3. Round frames. In recent years, round-shaped glasses have kept their edge in fashion. These frames are favored for their more intelligent look. After all, wise owls have big round eyes.

    Some people prefer thicker round frames, while others want a light, airy feel. Either way, these glasses also come in a variety of colors and materials. People with more angular features may benefit from the soft circular shape of these frames.
  4. Brow-line frames. With this shape of glasses, the top edge is straight, so it goes across your face forming a line that resembles an eyebrow. Today’s fashion world is favoring heavy eyebrows, so these glasses are becoming a quick hit.

    Brow-line glasses often provide a more studious, business-like look, so they’re favored by many professionals. Among the color options, black has been the most popular. They’re generally made of acetate instead of metal.

No matter your personal preference in eyewear, your optometrist is sure to have a style of frames to suit your needs. So, if you’re in the market for new glasses, plan to spend some time testing different looks in front of the mirror at your next appointment.