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A Back-to-School Eye Exam Can Help Your Student

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Now is the perfect time to schedule your child’s next eye exam. As summer winds down and students gear up for the start of school, parents’ to-do lists can be packed with errands for new books, hair-cuts and fresh wardrobes.

Health-related appointments like eye exams are often overlooked. But ensuring your child’s vision is up to par is an essential part of getting ready for the school season.

Unfortunately, students with vision problems often don’t know they have a problem that can be corrected, and they struggle in school.

An annual comprehensive eye exam does not take long, but it can really benefit your returning student. With a few short and painless tests, an optometrist can make sure your child is ready to read the blackboard, teacher’s notes and their homework.

By starting the school year with the prescription glasses they need, your child will have more confidence in their learning right from the start.

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