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Contact Lens Exams from Your Columbia, SC Optometrist at Apex Eyewear

If your vision isn't quite what it used to be due to a refractive error such as nearsightedness or farsightedness (or an age-related issue such as presbyopia that makes near-vision focus difficult), you can get the corrective lenses you need right here, from Columbia, SC optometrist, Dr. Mike McClay and the rest of our team at Apex Eyewear. But maybe eyeglasses aren't your style or you want to go without eyeglasses from time to time. If that's the case, we'll be happy to fit you with a high-quality pair of Columbia or Dentsville contact lenses. To achieve a good fit and optimal vision quality, however, we need to administer a contact lens exam.

Woman receiving contact lens exam in columbia, SC

What to Expect from your Contact Lens Exam

Our Columbia contact lens exams occur directly following standard vision testing in which we determine your basic corrective lens prescription. If you only wanted eyeglasses, you would be done with evaluations after the vision test -- but contact lenses present some special extra challenges. Since the lenses are to be worn directly on the eye instead of sitting a certain distance away, we need to measure your corneas to ensure an exact fit. Corneal topography, or "corneal mapping," gives us a precise digital scan of your corneal contours, including any abnormalities such as astigmatism or keratoconus (cone-shaped outward bulging of the cornea). Your Columbia, SC optometrist will also measure your irises and pupils to ensure that you receive properly-fitting contact lenses in Dentsville.

Testing Your Eyes in Columbia

But these extra measurements aren't the only component of your Columbia contact lens exam. We also need to factor in possible complications from specific health or ocular issues that might dictate your contact lens options. For instance, we need to check for signs of dry eye syndrome, which may require treatment and/or specialized lenses that retain moisture. Severe refractive disorders may call for rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, which can provide sharper vision correction for such issues than standard soft contacts. Keratoconus sufferers may need to wear scleral contacts which extend out to the white of the eye, to compensate for their corneal irregularities. Astigmatism may require the use of toric contacts that won't rotate on the eye, while presbyopia may make you a good candidate for multifocal contacts.

Finding the Right Contacts for You

Even your lifestyle can influence what type of contacts you should consider whether you’re getting contact lenses in Columbia or Dentsville. If you lead a busy, active life and don't want to bother with cleaning your contacts, for example, we may steer you toward single-use disposal lenses. If you want contacts that will enhance your looks as well as your vision, we can help you chose just the right shade of colored contacts. Dr. McClay will help you select the pair that best accommodates your needs.

Schedule Your Columbia Contact Lens Exam

The first step in obtaining those perfect contact lenses in Columbia or Dentsville is scheduling the necessary evaluations. Call Apex Eyewear today at (803) 741-7177 to set up your Columbia contact lens exam!