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Contact Lenses in Columbia

If you're looking for a trusted source for Columbia contact lenses for your entire family, look no further than Apex EyeCare. Our optometrist, Dr. Mike McClay, can help you select from a wide range of contact lens types to suit every lifestyle and eye condition, from regular daily soft contacts to specialty contacts for more complex situations, to ensure that you enjoy optimal comfort, convenience and visual clarity.

contact lenses in columbia from columbia optometrist

Contacts: An Introduction From Your Columbia Optometrist

If you've never worn contacts before, you may be at a loss as to the various options and procedures you may encounter. It may be helpful to start by looking at the broad properties of contact lenses, such as:

  • Hardness - Modern contact lenses are either "rigid" or "soft." Soft contacts, which conform effortlessly to the corneal contours underneath, are quite popular for the comfort and convenience they provide. Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts maintain their contours, which allows them to offer superior vision correction for more difficult prescriptions. Hybrid contacts have a rigid center and a soft rim.

  • Duration of wear - Some RGP contact lenses are designed to be cleaned and reused for long periods of time, while soft contacts are more likely to be disposable products designed for one-day one or planned replacement after a short period of time. Your lifestyle preferences and ocular health can help determine how long you can or should wear contacts.

  • Size - While all contact lenses are large enough to cover the lens and iris, some come in larger size to help correct specific ocular issues. Examples include scleral lenses, which vault completely over the cornea to rest on the sclera of the eye, and somewhat smaller variants called corneo-scleral lenses.

Specialty Contact Lenses from Our Columbia Eye Doctor

As our Columbia eye doctor administers your contact lens exam, it will become more evident which type of contact lens makes the most sense for your needs and intended usage. If your contact lens exam reveals potential issues from wearing standard contacts, our Columbia eye doctor can provide a variety of specialty contacts. Keratoconus is a prime example; this problem causes the cornea to take on a cone-like bulge that must be completely compensated for by the lens shape. Scleral contacts are often an ideal solution for keratoconus because they hold their contours without even touching the corneas. (They also hold eye moisture, making them a great choice for individuals suffering from dry eye.) Other examples of specialty lenses include toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses to correct presbyopia. 

Need Contact Lenses in Columbia? Start with a Contact Lens Exam 

If you plan on getting contact lenses in Columbia, a thorough, detailed contact lens exam is always the smartest way to begin the process. Call Apex EyeCare today to schedule a contact lens exam with our Columbia optometrist. You'll love the contact lenses you receive from our skilled, experienced team!