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Dry Eye FAQs Answered by Your Optometrist in Columbia

When you have discomfort in your eyes, it may relate to dry eyes. Depending on the situation and symptoms you develop, you may need to seek treatment from an optometrist in Columbia to address the underlying problems causing your symptoms.dry eye FAQs answered by your optometrist in columbia

What are Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes refer to poor lubrication in your eyes. It usually relates to a poor quality of tears or inadequate production of tears in your eyes. The problem impacts older adults and women at a higher rate but may occur in any individual for a variety of reasons.

What are the Symptoms of Dry Eye?

The symptoms of dry eye depend on the severity of the situation and the duration of time your eyes have poor lubrication. In most cases, you will notice a burning sensation or a stinging sensation. It may also cause feelings of an object in your eyes, but you will not have anything to remove. The eyes may also tear up or you may notice discharge in your eyes. Pain occurs in some situations and it may result in blurred vision. 

What Causes Dry Eye?

When you want to know what causes dry eye, you must start with clarifying the potential factors that contribute to your problem. Common causes of dry eye include:

  • Taking a medication
  • Aging
  • Inflammatory conditions, like Rosacea
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Hormonal changes, particularly in pregnant women
  • Environmental factors, such as windy weather conditions or smoke in your environment
  • Allergies
  • Not blinking for several minutes
  • Laser eye surgery, which usually causes short-term dry eye 

By identifying the underlying cause of dry eye symptoms, you have the ability to address the problems. In some cases, you heal the problem by limiting your exposure to environmental factors, allergies or behaviors that contribute to your symptoms.

What are the Effects of Dry Eyes?

The effects of dry eyes are usually related to discomfort and pain in your eyes. It may interfere with your normal activities by causing discomfort or a stinging sensation. It also causes your eyes to tear, which may result in awkward or uncomfortable situations at work or other activities.

How our Optometrist in Columbia Helps with Dry Eye Symptoms

Our optometrist in Columbia helps with dry eye symptoms by providing the treatment and care you need to address the underlying causes of your discomfort. Certain factors, like aging or medications you take for your health, may require additional treatment or care. Treatment for your symptoms depends on your situation. We may recommend medications or medicated eye drops to help with your dry eyes. We also help you identify lifestyle factors that contribute to dry eyes. In some situations, we may recommend surgical procedures to help with your needs.

Call Apex EyeCare Today To Learn More!

Treating dry eye starts with clarifying the causes of your symptoms and then taking measures to address the underlying problems. At our clinic, we offer the treatment and care you need to address the situation. To learn more about our treatments for dry eyes or to set up an appointment, call Apex EyeCare at 803-741-7177 today.