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Cataract Services from Your Columbia SC Eye Center

Many patients who visit our Apex EyeCare practice have no idea they have cataracts.  A diagnosis of cataracts in Columbia, SC can be quite a surprise since any related vision changes probably occurred slowly.  Because cataracts can result in blindness, regular exams are essential for identifying vision changes.  The staff at our Columbia, SC eye center offers several cataract treatment options.

cataract treatment from our columbia, sc eye doctor

Cataract Overview

A cataract is a buildup that clouds the lens of an eye.  It blocks light from traveling through the lens properly.  Optometrists point out that there is no way to prevent cataracts since healthcare professionals have not identified a cause.

The only cure for cataracts is their surgical removal.  Until surgery becomes necessary, our practice can treat them as they grow and create changes in vision.

Cataracts form after protein accumulates on an eye’s lens.  Some patients develop them in one eye.  Others have cataracts in both.  When cataracts affect both eyes, they sometimes develop, or “ripen”, at different times.

Our Columbia, SC eye center staff explains that there are several kinds of cataracts:

  • Age-related develop as patients become older, particularly after age 60.
  • Congenital is present at birth or develop in childhood.
  • Secondary are the result of other medical conditions, such as diabetes; exposure to toxic substances, radiation, or ultraviolet light; or taking certain types of medication.
  • Traumatic occur after an eye injury.

Patients who smoke, consume alcohol excessively or are exposed to air pollution face an above-average risk for developing cataracts.

Individuals often experience no symptoms until a cataract is large enough to start blocking light.  These are common signs:

  • Filmy, cloudy, foggy, or blurry vision
  • Developing nearsightedness when older
  • Changes in color perception
  • Difficulty driving at night, particularly with glare
  • Experiencing double vision
  • Insufficient correction of vision with current glasses or contact lenses

Cataract Services from Our Optometric Practice

We diagnose cataracts during a comprehensive vision exam.  Our practice offers several treatment options until a patient requires surgery.  Fortunately, when a cataract develops slowly and remains small, the patient might experience little vision loss.

Once cataracts become large enough, or if the patient’s vision is already affected, we recommend treatment.  The first option is medicated eye drops to halt or slow cataract growth.  We can also prescribe corrective lenses to accommodate vision changes.  The staff at our eye center in Columbia, SC is also happy to recommend visual aids helpful for maintaining daily routines.

Schedule an Appointment at our Eye Center in Columbia SC

Regular eye exams are essential for optimal vision for your family and to detect problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Our eye center in Columbia, SC provides comprehensive eye exams and a full range of optometric services for all ages. We help patients with cataracts maintain the best vision possible. Call our Apex EyeCare practice today at 803-741-7177 to make an appointment for an exam and protect your vision.