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Sunglasses From Apex EyeCare

From celebrity appearances at major events to glamorous beach vacations or boat trips, sunglasses have always been associated with style, fashion, and fun -- especially when leading designers creating stunning frames. But sunglasses also serve the more crucial purpose of protecting your eyes, not only from glare but also from the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. Here at Apex EyeCare, you get both style and substance in the form of designer sunglasses that correct your vision, enhance your looks and help you maintain optimal eyesight.sunglasses from your optometrist in columbia

How the Right Sunglasses Can Save Your Eyesight

Sunglasses play an important role in both safety and comfort by helping you see more easily and accurately in brightly lit environments. But visible light isn't the eyes' only enemy. Just beneath the visible spectrum lies the ultraviolet band of radiation, including UVA, UVB, and UVC. Of these, only UVA and UVB actually reach your eyes -- but the damage they can do is more than sufficient for concern. Ultraviolet rays can promote cataracts, macular degeneration, and cancers of the eyelids and the facial skin around the eyes. Even when it isn't contributing to irreversible eye problems and potentially deadly cancer, intense short-term UV exposure can leave you with an uncomfortable "eye burn" called photokeratitis.

Sunglasses can spare you from these threats -- but only if they're made properly. There are plenty of generic sunglasses on the market that provide a nice dark tiny but not much actual UV protection. You must make certain that your sunglasses filter out all light up to 400 nanometers if you want to keep UV out of your eyes completely. (These products are usually labeled "UV 400.") The smartest way to ensure that you're getting the right level of protection is by getting your prescription (or non-prescription) sunglasses from our Columbia optometrist, Dr. McClay.

A Wide Range of Designer Eyewear in Columbia

We predict that you'll be impressed by Apex EyeCare's wide range of designer eyewear in Columbia. Our optical team can help you choose the right basic shape and size of sunglasses for your face. You can then make your selection from a variety of stylish frames, from quaintly retro to ultra-modern, from the world's leading fashion designers.

We can also help you choose the ideal tint and/or filtering options for your purposes. For instance, prescription eyeglasses from our optometrist can include photochromic tint that lightens or darkens in response to light levels, allowing them to double as sunglasses. We can also provide you with polarized sunglasses that cut the glare that bounces off of sand, water and highways -- a tremendous benefit if you need an optimally sharp vision for your favorite outdoor activities.

Call Our Columbia Optometrist Today!

Greet the sun with confidence in your beautiful, comfortable, UV-blocking sunglasses from Apex EyeCare. Call (803) 741-7177 today to learn more about our many options or schedule a visit to our Columbia optometrist