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Welcome to Apex EyeCare
Your Optometrist in Columbia, SC

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Here at Apex EyeCare in Columbia, SC, our optometrist, Dr. Michael McClay, is dedicated to helping you and your entire family maintain their eye health and see clearly. We do this by offering a variety of optometry services, including comprehensive eye health and vision exams, glasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery consultations and referrals. We even offer hard-to-fit contacts for individuals with keratoconus.

Our Diagnostic Technology for Eye Exams

Our comprehensive eye exams involve testing your eyes for certain eye diseases that could affect your vision if they go untreated. During your eye exam, we will test your eyes for glaucoma, dry eye and AMD. Glaucoma occurs when the pressure in your eyes is high enough to start damaging your optic nerve, causing vision loss. Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) mostly occurs in older individuals, but may occur at any age, especially if you have a family history of AMD or smoke. Our optometrist will examine the back of your eyes with the Optos Retinal Imaging device, which produces highly detailed images of the back of your eye and the surrounding structures to determine if you have problems with your macula or retina.

Our vision exams also check for a variety of refractive errors, including presbyopia, which occurs in older individuals, farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. Our optometrist in Columbia will use a Snellen Eye Chart to test your near and distance visual acuity to determine if you need vision correction. If you do, we offer glasses and contacts in our optical shop.

Glasses and Contact Lenses from Our Columbia Optometrist

Glasses and contact lenses help you see clearly if you have a refractive error. Refractive errors are caused by the way the light is directed once it enters your eye. In eyes with no refractive errors, the light enters your eye and is focused on a single point. In individuals with refractive errors, the light isn't correctly focused on the back of the eye, and it may focus on several points, leading to blurry vision. Glasses and contacts can correct your refractive errors so that you can see clearly. Our Columbia optometrist can fit you with glasses and/or contacts if you have an astigmatism and are nearsighted or farsighted or have presbyopia. If you have keratoconus and think you cannot wear contacts, our optometrist also has hard-to-fit contacts.

LASIK Consultations and Referrals

If you are thinking about permanent vision correction with LASIK surgery, we offer initial testing, consultations and referrals.We will test your eyes and measure the thickness of your cornea using a corneal topographer, which measures your cornea and its thickness. We will also take a medical history and perform an exam to make sure you are a good candidate before providing you with a referral.

To schedule an appointment for an eye exam, call our optometry clinic in Columbia at (803) 741-7177.

Dr. Michael McClay
Columbia Optometrist | Dentsville | Apex EyeCare | (803) 741-7177

7499 Parklane Rd
Columbia, SC 29223